The classes first assignment was to create a podcast interviewing someone about something unique or interesting that has happened to him/her. Using Audacity I was able to create a story from interviews I had with my friend. This story is about one of my best friends who in high school was one of the best golf players in his region. The future of his golfing career was looking great until he suffered a devastating injury that kept him of the course for a while. He talks about he's recovery and eventually his come back to golf. In the end he faces a tough decision that will ultimately determine what path he wants in life.

Adobe Photoshop

I created this piece of art with Photoshop. If you couldn't tell, this is actually the background of my blogger but because I needed it to fit the template of my blogger I had to reduce the images size. 
This is my logo for the professional brochure I created. 

Adobe InDesign

This is the professional brochure for the imaginary company I made up using Photoshop and InDesign. The brochure I created is for Friska, the healthy fast food corporation. Friska actually means healthy in Swedish so I thought it would be a cool name for my restaurants concept. On the brochure are my designs, slogan, contact information, bio, mission, healthy facts, and also the menu for my restaurant. I also used and edited original photos to fit in with my restaurants concept. 


For this project my group and I created a short comedy film about a zombie school. We took many shots around High Point University to create this zombie apocalypse.

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